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Clothesline Tightener, black (Clamcleat CL223 Loop Cleat)

A clothesline tightener is a locking mechanism that keeps the clothesline taut. Most clotheslines are sagging to much and the laundry risks hitting the ground. Of course, you can tighten the clothesline by loosening the knots at one end and tightening it up and tying new knots. However, it is often difficult (sometimes impossible) to loosen the knots and it is also difficult to keep the cord tight while tying new knots. By using a clothesline tightener, the clothesline is only tied at one end. At the opposite end, the cord is passed through the clothesline tightener in a special manner and by pulling on the end of the cord, the clothesline is tightened. If the clothesline starts to sag again after a while, then pull the end of the cord once more and then the clothesline is tight again.
It is easy to loosen the cord from the clothesline tightener, which allows you to quickly take the clothesline down after use and it is correspondingly quick to set it up again. It is a great advantage if you do not have space in the garden, on the balcony or in the apartment or house to have a clothesline hanging permanently. 
The clothesline tightener is manufactured by the English company Clamcleat, which manufactures a large number of different rope cleats, in particular for use on sailboats, and the maritime environment places very high demands on the quality of the products, as they are constantly exposed to sun and water. The clothesline tensioner is thus very robust and can withstand hanging outside for a long time.
Here is a video showing how to mount the clothesline tightener.
The clothesline tightener can be used for clotheslines in braided material with a diameter of 3-6 mm. It is not suitable for steel wire or clothesline with plastic coating.
Made in the UK. The material is nylon in a particularly robust outdoor quality.
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