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Hanger Jack, green

Hanger Jacks are small specially designed doohickeys that can be attached to a clothesline.
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Clothes hangers can then be attached to the hanger jack with shirts, T-shirts, dresses and other things that you may wish to dry while hanging on a hanger. They are sold individually.​ The Hanger Jack is completely fixed and does not slide on the clothesline. There are two holes in the Hanger Jack, a small one that fits hangers with a metal hook and a larger one that fits plastic hangers with a plastic hook. The clothes on the hangers can hang across the clothesline, so it is possible to hang, for example, 5 shirts on 40 centimeters, if you place the hangers at intervals of 10 cm. It can be a great benefit on a balcony or in a smaller space. Because the Hanger Jack is completely attached to the clothesline and the hanger is attached to the holes in the hanger jack, the hanger does not fall off the clothesline even if it is windy. They are made of the plastic type polypropylene (PP) at a plastic factory in Germany. The hanger jacks fit best on thinner drying cords with a diameter of 3-4 mm. They can be difficult (impossible) to put on clothesline in steel wire.
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