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Lanex Blizzard Plus Clothesline cord, 6 mm, low stretch double braided polyester

Clothesline cord in double braided construction with core and sheath in 100% polyester. Polyester has good resistance to UV rays from the sun, has good abrasion resistance and extends less than clotheslines made of nylon or polypropylene.
Popotamus has this clothesline specially made in the color white by the Czech rope manufacturer Lanex. Here is a link to the manufacturer's website. Lanex calls this cord Blizzard Plus and we get it specially made in the color white, to be absolutely sure that the clothesline does not give off color to the laundry.
The clothesline is easy to maintain as it can simply be machine washed. Put the clothesline in a laundry bag and machine wash it at 40 degrees Celsius, then it is clean and the dirt that inevitably accumulates on an outdoor clothesline does not spread on the laundry.
Sold by the meter. We send the quantity you order in meters.
Diameter: 6 mm
Weight per meter: 24 grams
Breaking strength: 918 kg
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Price for 1meter 1,35 EUR (incl. VAT)