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Omega Clothes Peg, plain

Uncoated version in glossy stainless steel.
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NB The quantity discount is only granted on pegs at normal price.
 From 30 to 39 pegs   6%  
 From 40 to 49 pegs  10%
 From 50 to 79 pegs  12%
 From 80 to 109 pegs  15%
 From 110 to 149 pegs  18%
 From 150 to 199 pegs  20%
 From 200 to 499 pegs  23%
 From 500 to 999 pegs  27%
 From 1000 pegs and above    30%

Here is a link to lots of pictures in very high quality
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  • Made entirely of stainless steel. Also the spring. The steel is of type AISI 304.
  • Don't rust.
  • Don't rot.
  • Don't break.
  • Do not twist and do not fall apart.
  • Heat and cold-resistant (can also be used as bag closers in the freezer for example).
  • Do not stain the laundry due to rot or rusty springs
  • Has a strong spring, so the pegs stay on the clothesline even during stormy weather. The pegs also grip much better on thicker objects, such as a lined winter jacket, a robust bathrobe or the bathroom mat.
  • Saltwater resistant. Suitable for sailing yachts.
  • 20 year warranty for normal use, ie. as clothes pegs or e.g. as bag closers in a deep freezer and other similar types of use.
  • Can withstand being stored outside all year round.
  • The pegs are available in a powder coated version in 11 different colors. The painting is of the same type used in the automotive industry. The lacquered pegs fade over time in the same way as a car loses color, especially if the pegs are stored outside all year round, but the lacquer does not peel off.
  • The unpainted pegs cost 1.35 EUR each and the colored pegs 1.75 EUR each. Of course, it's a much higher price than regular wood or plastic pegs, but our Omega pegs should never be replaced. In fact, one can safely write them into one's will so that they can be passed on to the next generation. It is a form of sustainability that has existed for a long time before sustainability became a necessity.
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