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Test two quality clothes pegs for 3.7 Euros (Popotamus pays the freight)

If you are interested in our clothes pegs, you can try them out on your own clothesline with only a minor investment. It is possible to order two clothes pegs and pay only for the pegs. Popotamus pays the freight.
The clothes pegs are sent as a regular letter without the possibility of tracking it while it is in the post.
It takes a week or two for the letter to arrive.
You can specify the color that you want the two pegs to be in the comment field that appears on the page where you enter your name and address.
By using this offer, you can both test the quality and the function of the pegs and hopefully be convinced that it is both safe and easy to buy from us in Denmark. When you have the pegs in your hands, we are sure that the quality will be evident.
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Price for 1sample pack 3,70 EUR (incl. VAT)